Written by David Ly Vu

May 13th, 2021

How did this journey start?

DAY ONE Entertainment has been my dream since my early years of high school that I took abroad in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With friends from all over the world all in one place, that exposure to cultural and experiential diversity had a huge impact on my vision for the company. Compared to other entertainment companies in the United States that tend to specialize in certain mediums or operate only domestically, DAY ONE Entertainment is a direct representation of the world I got to experience abroad and the world I believe will dominate our futures.

Though the company has a great social media front, we soon realized that we were not using all the business application resources available to us. Without realizing this, we as a company could have been left behind as the rest of the market moved along. Throughout this journey we have learned how to develop email campaigns, search engine optimize and market, and improve upon our website to optimize the user experience.

Dialing Our Audience

Starting as a vision, we had an idea of who the company targeted, but it didn't take until 30+ Instagram posts and two clothing collections for us to figure it out properly for the future. Using months of collected social media and e-commerce data, we were able to figure out the fundamentals of who we were targeting first: 18-24 year old undergraduate students from California in the United States that relied heavily on mobile phones and social media to interact with friends, their icons, and brands. Once we figured that basic layout, we split off and started interviewing some of ours community members through Instagram that fit that fundamental profile we created. This allowed us to understand the less number based information of our community: needs and behaviors. This was a huge lesson for us as a group and me as a young founder because it emphasizes how important we have to have a balanced understanding of the data we collect and the human nature of our users/customers. They are two sides of the same coin. From this analysis we then derived a basic mock up of our targeted user personas which will help the company in future efforts so that we are not shooting in the dark with other project campaigns.

Email Campaigning

As a person who interacts with a lot of companies and brands, emails to me were always annoying and spammy which deterred me often from reading any that entered my inbox. That in turn deterred me from using email campaigning at DAY ONE Entertainment. However, after getting a better understanding about how adaptable and creative a email campaign can be, I started to understand that even if emails I receive are spammy, I should take those mistakes as notes to improve our own emails at DAY ONE.

Rather than paragraphs of urgency asking people to buy or watch content, our team wanted to make it feel like the email receivers could be a part of the content and community. It is a core part of the company. Representing different messages is a core part of the company. If you take a look at the preview text it talks about the product but not in a primarily sales style of speech, rather it welcomes the user to our DAY ONE family and expresses the meaning behind the collection in hopes that we can resonate with users for long lasting relationships and loyalty.

The Website & User Experience

For the DAY ONE Entertainment website, we wanted it to be a central hub for our artists' creative content so that our community can find it all in one place and interact with us. When we first launched the site, users were able to read about us, watch our films, listen to our music, purchase clothing collections, and see our members. For our biggest UX change, we focused on the "members" aspect. By going onto a website, users simply just watched or bought without any extra depth to bridge their connection with our team members. Most of our user interviews mentioned how our old team page looked like it could be interacted with but users found themselves clicking on static images and text. That stale layout, despite looking great minimal, did not provide anything for our users. So to push that boundary, our team learned some extra coding skills, in order to update our new "Team" page. Now, if you visit the page, you can click onto each member's profile, learn about them, and view all their amazing work. Going through the website will finally feel like users are actually taking a walk through our platform. However, to me, this is just a first step for this website in our journey to improve the user experience and reach our goal of making the website a central hub for our members and community.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

SEO and SEM were some of the applications I've been wanting to learn for a while for implementation into DAY ONE Entertainment since it is such a huge part of our globalized and internet world.

However, out of all the new business applications I learned in the last five months, SEO and SEM were probably the hardest just because of how specific we needed to be for a campaign to be successful. As I was juggling keywords they were often too specific or too broad so it often took a lot of "guess and check" before finding a substantial list to use. This trial was then followed by a trial of trying to find the best headlines and descriptions for users to see. Thankfully, we had a group of three to generate keywords and headlines. Considering how DAY ONE has 12 members as of now, we can definitely continue to learn more about SEO and SEM in the future as we gain more experience with it along the way.

The Outcomes and Takeaways

The biggest lesson I learned from my recent learning experiences with internet business applications and digital marketing is that we should always dig deeper into whatever campaign or project we operate. We should go beyond the data and look at the needs/behaviors of who is on the other end of our activities and we should be as precise as possible when planning out campaigns in order to have best shot at being successful. But most importantly, every failure should not be a deterrent to try again, it can be a lesson illustrated through data comparisons or shown through needs and behaviors. Internet business applications and digital marketing are made to be adaptable. The analytics we collect are never perfect and leave room for change in the future to get better and better. I truly believe that DAY ONE Entertainment and myself as a person, will reach new heights through using this new found knowledge.

Thank you.