About Me

Hello! My name is Fayez Vuong and I am the photographer/videographer for DAYONE. Being a part of DAYONE is truly a blessing as I am not only able to work in collaboration with other talented artists, but also am able to establish a true bond with the team and call them a family. Photography/Videography is a passion for me because I love to capture the many memorable moments I experience, and always look back on it. Also, I love how with every picture/video I am able to see a development in my skills and also a development in me as a person. Aside from DAYONE and my passion for photography and videography, I am currently a Sophomore 2 Nursing major attending USF and in my free time (which is very limited since I spend most of my time studying), I like to go out and longboard, take pictures, spend time with loved ones, and watch youtube videos.